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  1. Feeling stale?

    September 22 2015

    You’re human! That means that you can’t … can not… stay motivated and upbeat all the time. Sometimes that can make you feel like you’re missing something that all those energised bunnies seemed to have. That secret that no matter how many books you read and seminars you attend you just can’t find. Why won’t […]

  2. The 6 Reasons Emotional Intelligence Is Essential To Leadership

    Hands holding a tape measuring the words emotional intelligence
    April 23 2015

    EI (Emotional intelligence) has competed for credibility against the traditional intelligence rating of IQ, in management circles at least, for the last 20 years. Since the release of Dan Goldman’s paradigm-shifting book, Emotional Intelligence, Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, questions have been asked about the rationale behind leadership training and how managers actually […]

  3. The Social Media must dos for business!

    April 23 2015

    What is your social media of choice? For business, the most effective, according to Laura Roeder of LKR Social Media, is Twitter. Yet few professionals in Australia rank Twitter among their top social media platforms. Many have dabbled and some dedicate a substantial amount of time to the platform, but few understand how to use […]

  4. The 5 Don’ts of Business Leadership

    April 23 2015

      In early 2014 I was involved in a rather ruthless management change at a large not-for-profit institute in Australia. Without going in to the specifics of the changes that took place, I observed several behaviours that, upon consulting with other senior managers, seemed to depict the very essence of what NOT to do as […]

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