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  1. Tips for leading a remote team – the hard way

    Remote business management concept with a businessman holding a tablet showing analytics and graphs connected to a diverse team of people on a conferencing video link for brainstorming and discussion, vector eps 10
    October 1 2015

    Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkenIn Napier founder, Wade Foster, starts his list of “How to run a remote team” with “Hire Doers”, followed shortly by “Hire people you can trust”. Great advice, unless you’ve just joined the team and all the hiring has already been done. What on Earth do you […]

  2. Politically Correct (Are you a PC leader?)

    metaphor of collaboration and diversity at work
    September 30 2015

      If you intend to lead a diverse team of quality individuals, then you’ll need to understand what we mean by political correctness. I’m passionate about this – so let’s break it down at the very start: Politics – the organised control over a human community; Correctness – to set right or rectify. When I absorbed […]

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