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Not for Profit

Not-for-profits operate in a unique sphere of business and require a very specialised set of skills; interpersonal skills and the ability to build solid social networks are critical in the success of not-for-profit professionals. The Australian Institute of Business Leadership excels at helping not-for-profit professionals find these important skills within themselves; they know that the most critical piece of any organisation is its people. Whether employees at not-for-profits are entertaining donors, meeting with government officials or building relationships within their own organisation, the lessons learned at the AIBL will help individuals grow and flourish. They teach students how to innovate and think one step ahead of the rest of the world in order to improve themselves and their organisations. AIBL specialises in inspiring people to reach new heights of their career and personal life. In a critically important sector of not-for-profit organisations, people’s lives and livelihoods depend on the talent and skill of not-for-profit leaders.

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